Saturday, June 12, 2004

This Just In: Latest "Culture of Death" Rants

The Naysayers' Strange Ratifier

At the G-8 summit this week, French leader Chirac critized the Bush administration's concept for Middle East reform.

According to WaPo journalists Glenn Kessler and Robin Wright,

"White House officials have said the plan, which is intended to unite all of the administration's Middle Eastern initiatives under a common theme, grew out of a speech by President Bush last year, saying the United States was wrong to support autocratic governments in a search for Middle East "stability."

WaPo journalists Kessler and Dana Milbank captured Chirac's sentiments later in the week as

"He also warned that efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East ran the risk of backfiring.

"We must stand ready to help. But we must also take care not to provoke," Chirac said. "For that would be to risk feeding extremism and falling into the fatal trap of the clash of civilizations: precisely what we wish to avoid."

Then comes word from al-Qaeda's number two leader, Zawahiri, as recorded by CNN

"Americans do not want the reforms in the Arab world," the speaker said. "The Americans will not give us democracy and freedom. Democracy and freedom should come from within us, from our own souls, and our children and young generation will benefit from it.

This is yet one more illustration of the odd relationship between Chirac's words and those of the culture of death leadership.


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