Friday, June 11, 2004

President Reagan's Legacy: If Not Now, When?

Playing out the clock:

President Reagan is being buried this evening at sunset. For his detractors, this week's homage to our 40th president has been challenging and difficult. These detractors had little time to get prepared for his death and the week's memorials. Some reacted by resurfacing from the storage bins the old, tired accusations that were largely put away when he left office 16 years ago; some used the "old jovial, optimistic man" routine; others gave the "cowboy" some of his due, conceding that he did do a few nice things over his two terms.

The latest ploy in play by detractors suggests waiting for history to judge his legacy. Of course, no one offers a time certain for when history is supposed to make such a rendering, perhaps a week from never?

Judging the response by the American citizens this week, and a recent poll indicating that over 2/3s of polled citizens judge President Reagan as a "great" president, it appears that 16 years of history since his leaving office has made such a determination. Does this mean creating a spot for his image on Mt. Rushmore or replacing current figures with Reagan's image on the $10 or $20 bill? Perhaps.

Finally, for those who prefer to play out the indefinite clock on President Reagan's legacy, keep in mind that the JFK on the .50 cent piece was designed in 1964, within months of his passing.

News Analysis: Awaiting history's judgment
R.W. Apple Jr./NYT NYT Friday, June 11, 2004



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